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Oct 14, 2012 5:30pm PDT
numbers we're watching closely tonight, the latest gallup poll showing governor romney holding a slim lead, 49-47 nationally, but both campaigns are looking at these numbers from ohio, the battleground state that might decide this. the president with a narrow advantage. tuesday's debate between mitt romney and the president more crucial, and the president's team acknowledging tonight there will be changes in his debate strategy. david kerley at the white house tonight. >> hello, everybody, hello. i brought some food. >> reporter: president obama took a break today to visit a campaign office, now into his second day of intense debate preparation. >> how is it going, sir? >> it is going great. >> reporter: the president is holed up at this williamsburg, virginia, resort walking and enjoying the scenery, we are told, between sessions far from the campaign trail, preparing for his rematch with romney. >> i don't think in recorder -- in the history of presidential debates has there been such a momentum shift off of the first presidential debate, and so the president has to turn the momentu
Oct 7, 2012 5:30pm PDT
lasts. >>> whiplash. tonight, just 30 days to go, the biggest crowds yet for mitt romney, but the president fueled too by the lowest unemployment rate since he took office. tonight you new and eye-opening polls and after that comment during the debate, look who's talking. >> here now to comment, big bird. [ cheers and applause ] >> big bird, winging it. >>> and charged up. the daredevil once frozen in ice then buried alive now shocking himself, letting perfect strangers zap him. >>> good evening on this sunday night, and we do begin here with that deadly outbreak of meningitis. we learned late today it is quickly spreading all because of those steroid shots to the spine for patients who thought they were getting relief from their pain. just in the last 24 hours, at least 27 more people have become sick. that brings the total number of cases to 91. at least seven people have now died from this, and tonight in a troubling development, that massachusetts company that made that steroid shot is now recalling every single product it makes out of what it calls an abundance of caution. ab
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2